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Here is the listing from daily list of import records released by government of India for the keyword `Skiing` under Harmonized System (HS) code 48239090 .

As per our records it was last imported on 30 Jul 2016 at under HS code 48239090 with quantity 2 as WALL STICKER-SKY PLANE- SCIENCE4YOU from UNITED STATES at the price of Rs.505.97

The items with the keyword `Skiing` is commonly imported under the name like SKY LANTERN ( PAPER) ( 2333.10 DOZ), SKY LANTERN (ITEM NO.: C8-003-004) NT. QT.: 40 GRS (MADE OFPAPER), PAPER SKY LANTERN (W/O CFL).

The average import price of items with keyword `Skiing` is Indian Rupees 0.

Date HS Code Description Origin Country Port of Discharge Unit Quantity Value (INR) Per Unit (INR)
2016-07-30 48239090 WALL STICKER-SKY PLANE- SCIENCE4YOU UNITED STATES Bombay Air Cargo PCS 2 Rs.1011.93 Rs.505.97
2016-07-19 48239090 PAPER SKY LANTERN (W/O CFL) CHINA Kolkata Sea GRS 611 Rs.60616.05 Rs.99.21
2016-02-27 48239090 SKY LANTERN (ITEM NO.: C8-003-004) NT. QT.: 40 GRS (MADE OFPAPER) CHINA Kolkata Sea KGS 1120 Rs.55214.05 Rs.49.3
2016-01-04 48239090 SKY LANTERN ( PAPER) ( 2333.10 DOZ) CHINA Kolkata Sea KGS 1120 Rs.45609.98 Rs.40.72
2015-09-17 48239090 PAPER SKY LANTERN (W/O CFL) (QTY: 510 DOZ @ USD 0.48/DOZ) CHINA Kolkata Sea KGS 285 Rs.16528.54 Rs.57.99
2015-09-12 48239090 PAPER SKY LANTERN (W/O CFL)(QTY: 1050 DOZ @ USD 0.24/DOZ) CHINA Kolkata Sea KGS 450 Rs.19749.16 Rs.43.89